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Fiverr is still the biggest site around for doing small jobs or gigs, but it’s not the only one out there. Whether you are sick with the $5 max payout, or you have been receiving too much negative feedback, whatever the reason may be, you should know that there are several quality alternatives to fiverr out there some allow for a lot more than $5.00.

I was sick of finding gigs I felt worthy of being paid only $5.00 for so I decided to look around and find other options. The good news is since fiverr has become so popular there have been many sites released that are just like it and even better in some cases. From the sites that I have tried here is my top 5 alternatives to fiverr with a brief description on their features. Check them out below:

My top 5 alternatives to Fiverr

Gig bucks is one of my personal favorite alternatives to fiverr. It allows you to post gigs from $5 to $50 and it also allows you to use paypal a a payment method with no minimum withdraw amount.

Ten bux like the name would suggest is a site set up just like fiverr offering gigs for $10.00. 10 bux is the theme of this website but you can also offer gigs for $5.00 as well.

Task army is one of the biggest sites out there for small gigs ranging from $20 to $99 dollars. This can be a great place for you to advertise your services that require more time and therefore more money. With the 100 limit this should open you up to some decent sized projects.

Twenty ville as you may have guessed is another with a layout just like fiverr allowing you to post gigs for $20.00. I feel $20.00 is a good middle ground for some medium sized jobs. This site also allows for payments via paypal.

If you haven’t noticed the trend in all the names then you may not be able to guess what this site offers. This site offers gigs for $50.00  it’s one of my personal favorite alternatives to fiverr. I always had a gig idea that I wanted to charge $50.00 for and when I heard about this site I made an account with that gig. You wont get orders as quickly as fiverr but a couple $50.00 gigs a month will add up.


Don’t forget about fiverr

Now that you know about these other great sites don’t forget about fiverr. I have had the most success doing gigs online so far with fiverr and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. All these sites are great but the fact is fiverr is always gonna to get you the most orders because the amount of traffic it gets. If you really want the make the most out of doing online gigs, sign up for a couple of these sites and post gigs that you are 100% confident you can complete on time. Start off slow and gain some positive feedback then the orders will start rolling in. Don’t start off by posting a million gigs, things can get outta control and you wont have time to fulfill orders. I hope this article has been helpful, stay tuned for more information on the other fiverr alternatives.



  • fygig

    Also check out

    • Jack

       I like it’s new and upcoming

  • Dr.Khalid

    I will not recommend gigbucks, its a waste of time, trust me. is a great site

  • Andrew

    I tried Fiverr, TenBux, Gigbux and many others but never got any successful results. is much better than all other micro job sites in term of quality, traffic, support team, withdrawal methods and etc. I am a member of for now more than 10 months and happily earning.

  • Letizia Rousseau

    you forgot about new fiverr alternative

  • MuchMarket – Microjobs for dogecoin. There is no commission fee and no registration fee! You keep 100% of your earnings.

  • Mitko Hristov

    Check this one out

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