Make money with Fiverr



make money with fiverr

If you have aspirations of making a fortune online someday, then there may not be a better way to get your feet wet than Fiverr. Fiverr is a site released several years ago and basically it’s just a marketplace of services that people offer for $5.00. Unlike ebay and other online marketplaces like amazon, Fiverr doesn’t require you to sell any products. You can offer your services that can be done right from your computer, fiverr calls these services gigs.

If you look at the site you will see all the different gigs that members are offering. Some can be pretty outrageous, like dressing up as the easter bunny and dancing with your logo in hand. A lot of people use these gigs to promote their websites, blogs, and videos. Other popular gigs include designing logos, video intros, voice over work, and many more. Really anything you can think of within reason is listed on this site. It all depends on what people think is worth $5.00.

Make money with a subscription based newsletter


subscription newsletterThis money making method is a little more advanced than some, it does require you to have a professional looking site as well you being on top of your game. While there are ways you can automate it your are going to need to make sure that your customers are satisfied so it’s not something you can build and forget about.

This method is simply getting people to subscribe to your websites newsletter and charging a fee to do so. If someone is paying for your services then you should have something quality to offer. If you say you will provide a funny joke to someone everyday for $5.00 nobody is going to signup. I will first go over how to set up a newsletter on your site before I go over potential content you could provide with your newsletter.

Top 5 alternatives to Fiverr


Fiverr is still the biggest site around for doing small jobs or gigs, but it’s not the only one out there. Whether you are sick with the $5 max payout, or you have been receiving too much negative feedback, whatever the reason may be, you should know that there are several quality alternatives to fiverr out there some allow for a lot more than $5.00.

I was sick of finding gigs I felt worthy of being paid only $5.00 for so I decided to look around and find other options. The good news is since fiverr has become so popular there have been many sites released that are just like it and even better in some cases. From the sites that I have tried here is my top 5 alternatives to fiverr with a brief description on their features. Check them out below:

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5 great ways to get traffic to your site


Without a steady stream of traffic to your website it seems almost pointless to continue producing content. The more visitors to your site the more potential there is to make money and you can’t complain with that. While traffic through the search engines is the most reliable way to obtain quality traffic there are many other methods you can use. In this list below I will go over some simple methods that I use to obtain quality traffic everyday.


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